Our previous article, Determine Your Mobile Application’s Suitable Technology in 5 Steps, wrote a detailed comparison between four web and mobile technologies dominating the market. Today’s article will discuss a new trending back-end technology that saves your money and provides you with an extraordinary performance, Elixir.

According to stackshare, Elixir leverages the Erlang VM, known for running low-latency, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems. In addition to its use in web development and embedded software domain.

What Are The Uses and Benefits of Elixir? 

Elixir language is suitable for projects that need to support high concurrency, making applications run fast and low latency handles much traffic and scales easily. It’s not only that its benefits include high fault tolerance, reliability, and tidy, modern syntax. 

Unlike other back-end technologies, developers can easily migrate from other technologies like Ruby, for instance, to Elixir.  

Elixir is more complied with, which yields a performance boost. It had proven its usefulness for distributed systems like Blockchain projects, embedded systems, and real-time apps using instant messaging, video chats, or financial apps. 

Other benefits of employing Elixir included:

  • A Cleaner Code
  • Smaller Technical Debt
  • An Increase in Development Speed
  • Impressive Performance Improvements
  • Coming with an OTP (a set of tools that help developers build fault-tolerant applications that have a lot of persistent connections at once)

So Is Elixir Good For All Applications? 

To answer this question, meet six big companies that successfully migrated to it.

1- Pepsico

PepsiCo is the second-largest company worldwide in the FMCG industry. They use Elixir for marketing automation and supply chain optimization and cites it as one reason for the success of their in-house solutions in those fields.

2- Pinterest 

Pinterest is a big social network; it’s all about videos or images or what they call “pins” that inspire its 335 million users monthly. Pinterest uses Elixir for its notification system, which led to a tenfold drop in the codebase size from 10,000 lines to only 1,000 while also cutting server requirements by half.

3- MOZ

 Moz is a SaaS company. It specialized in helping its clients worldwide rank higher in search engines like Google and other search engines by providing special tools that improve the businesses’ SEO. Moz adopted Elixir to create a database-free solution for analytics, which helped them fetch data faster than with previous MySQL-based solutions.


Discord is a VoIP application (primarily for gamers) that features voice, text, and video messaging. It serves 56 million users monthly, with a reported peak of 10.6 million users at the same time. Using Elixir, Discord has scaled to an enormous amount of users. Recently, they were able to incorporate Rust functions in their Elixir codebase to rise even further.

Either building or Switching to Elixir is your decision. All you need is to take the initiative like Pepsico, Pinterest, Moz, and Discord. In sum, Elixir will help you handle more significant traffic; in other words, more users, more customers, and a higher return on investment (ROI) as it is also a go-to solution for soft real-time communication-heavy applications.

Are you are still not confident about Elixir’s capability to fit your product’s requirements and app specifications, feel free to drop us a message, and our team will help you.

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