Core  Tech  Team

Saudi Arabia

Three Software Engineers

1- The challenge

In the tech world, every company’s prime pain is finding the right caliber who is able to build or develop the company’s products. A lot of companies fail to choose the right person for the job so they hire another professional company to do for them. 

Widdee Information Technology (LLC) is a Saudi Arabian Company based in Riyadh. The company uses modern technologies in an aim to introduce different yet applicable business solutions for SMEs that help increase their efficiency and attain their business targets. 

Widdee was building an e-commerce mobile that can easily be tailored and integrated with any SME’s ERP system. The challenge began when Widdee’s tech team was introducing their new business solution, which required additional talented and expert team members yet they were tight on the budget at that point in time. 

Widdee used to work with a recruitment agency in the United States to hire developers, and it used the cost them a huge amount of money per each hired developer as recruitment fees only. In addition, the different time zone and the amount of time they had to wait for the right caliber to join their team.

2- The Result

Working with Inovola helped Waiddee build and launch their business solution on time and within the estimated budget. At the time, Inovola was responsible for hiring three developers for Widdee’s Core Tech team with nearly 50% less cost compared to their previous recruitment company.

Within two weeks from signing the contract, Inovola hired two developers, a frontend developer and a mobile developer for Widdee. And in two months from their business solution successful launch, Widdee and Inovola worked together again aiming to expand Widdee’s development team as they hired a backend developer. 

Inovola was successfully able to provide Widdee a cost-efficient service with the same quality and also higher flexibility – as both time zones and working hours close to each other. In addition, Widdee who was just starting to build their solution now is able to sell 3 copies of their solution which contributed to increasing the company’s profit.

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