A remote developer ? Why do you need a full stack developer for your business? What are soft web developer skills, and how can they add perfection to your company? It would help if you were quick to set up your business with specific goals and future goals. Your dream is about to come true. But during all this network, don’t forget to hire a web developer for your business. Many people are in this predicament. Why? What is the need to hire a web developer? How can a developer add chances to my startup? Well, it’s not just you, but the majority of new startups that live in this dilemma are not aware of the critical role of a skilled web developer in the company’s success. Complete reading this article to know the answer and make your decision.

Why Hire a Remote Developer ?

As technology invades all sectors and labour markets, it has become necessary for business owners to develop their work methods by relying on computing technologies (to facilitate their work and speed up their completion) and communications (to reach their customers, display their products, and open markets for their goods in geographical locations far from where they are).

And it became necessary for every institution to have an automated financial system, a website, and one or more emails representing it, to facilitate communication and financial matters at the very least. Hence the need for programmers to develop, link and activate these systems and websites.

If you are one of the owners of institutions that provide software solutions and want to include another programmer in your team, or you are the owner of an independent organization that wants to hire a remote developer to design your website or program for you, and whether you have programming experience or not, we invite you to benefit from this article.

In the beginning, and before hiring a remote developer , we have to be well aware of what work we will assign to him. Will he develop a system for the organization that corresponds to the type of work in it? Will he create a site for the foundation? Will it be part of a team of programmers providing software solutions to clients? Will his work be limited to sitting behind his screen? Or will he lead a team of developers? Will he deal with those who provide them with software solutions?

Note: If you, dear reader, own a small enterprise and your field of work is common and does not have a unique character, try to search for a pre-made software solution such as ready-made financial and accounting systems or standard archiving programs or task scheduling programs and managing the work teams that are abundant in the software market and save what you have monitored as a salary For a programmer to develop other parts of your organization.

How do you find a remote developer ?

The question arises: Do we always need a remote developer , or will we partially contract with him? How will we test his abilities to determine that he is the best?

Will I hire a remote developer as a full time?

If the employee wants to employ the developer on an ongoing basis, including a new programmer for his team, or he wants to launch a copy group for a specific project that needs time, development, and maintenance. He will search the sites that provide employment services to announce the specifications required for the desired programmer to start the next stage.

Full time or part-time remotely?

Here, the business owner will search for developers working according to the concept of remote job, as the working hours are according to a specific agreement and the work is done remotely. Here the employee and the developer who was hired use utilities to work remotely, such as file-sharing services Google Drive or dropBox as a simple example and Team Viewer for full access and control of the work team’s devices and other tools that help to overcome the problem of being in the same place and this type of employment is popular with students who are looking for work that brings them a good income with the freedom to choose the best time to work in a way that suits them.

To find this type of developer, we recommend you, dear reader, to visit weworkremotely.com, to name a few.

Contract-based on completion of tasks?

If we wish to employ a remote developer for a limited period or to accomplish only a specific part of the work, we can offer this task to people who work as free developers through sites that provide services of this kind on a global level, such as freelancer.com, mostaql.com and other famous places to start the stage The most important is the selection stage.


How do I hire a freelance developer?

A good programmer can think in a logical way that is very similar to the way a computer works, is aware of the mechanism of work of things and is interested in the details of those mechanisms so that he can simulate and imitate them. He knows how to model any subject or material using programmable mathematical equations, which distinguishes the programmer and makes the best Other than he was patient and calm enough to write long lines of code that seemed boring to everyone else.

There are some golden rules for hiring programmers that will help:

Ask the programmer about his education level. People who have been educated in computer science are usually better able to do the required corrections.

Ask the programmer about his awareness and knowledge of the issue to develop a program to solve, simulate, or organize it. For example, if you want to affect an automated vehicle driving system (such as systems in driving schools), ask him about his driving awareness; what steps must be followed when the vehicle takes off? What are the speed limits within which a car can turn without rolling over? How to change the speeds on the speedometer, and what is the influencing factor? How are distances estimated using mirrors and windshields? How to be the correct position of the mirrors? When does the car give alerts? Please pay close attention to his knowledge of the details of the issue or at least his attention to its components. He may not be correct in his answer, but his thinking pattern seems right. This will be in your favour.

No perfect person knows everything, so it is good to hire someone who can learn quickly, independently, or with the help of a coach. Test his desire to see and learn by asking him about something unfamiliar, explaining some things to him, and then asking him to assess his development and learning speed.

Try to understand his ability to achieve what is required by asking him about the general algorithm for work, what tools he will use, and how long it will take. Choose those who give accurate and confident answers, and try to stay away from those who use phrases beginning with “may” and “may” as these phrases are clear evidence that they do not have enough experience to control matters.

Ask for examples of previous work that he has performed, as the effectiveness and performance of these works give you additional security that your project will be completed on time within the specifications you require.

Ask him how many hours he will be free to work on your project. Clarity on these matters is essential from the start.

If you include a programmer for your previously existing team, take a tour with the job candidate in the corridors of the place and leave him for a short time with the team members under the pretext of receiving a phone call. Calmly watch how he deals with the rest of the team and how they accept his personality. It is essential that you take this step and make sure that your team is in harmony. Otherwise, you are knocking the first nail in the coffin of your organization.

Ask the programmer about methods for verifying the program’s effectiveness being developed and what plans he uses to test his development programs. Never neglect this step, because the end of the implementation phase does not mean that the project is complete, but rather it must be verified that all the required jobs and lists are working accurately, especially if the contract is partial or that the project will be delivered to one of the institution’s customers.

After following these steps, it will be easy for you to select the ideal candidate, and here you have to move to the final stage of the agreement.


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